In terms of geographical location, Grobiņa archaeological ensemble is situated 10–15 km from the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea in the Coastal Lowland near River Ālande, but in terms of administrative territorial division, the ensemble is located in south-western part of the Republic of Latvia in the town of Grobiņa and its vicinity. The sites of Grobiņa archaeological ensemble are distributed on both banks of River Ālande with the river historically playing a significant role in the daily life of residents. Both in prehistoric times and later, River Ālande served as a link with the Baltic Sea allowing Grobiņa to take part in trade and communication with overseas territories — Gotland and continental Scandinavia.

Grobiņa hillfort (Skābarža kalns) and settlement

Grobiņa hillfort (Skābarža kalns) and settlement are localised in an area covering 6.24 ha on the right bank of River Ālande, however, the last archaeological survey shows that the signs of cultural layer of a settlement is found also on the other bank of the river covering an area of approximately 20 ha. Currently, the slopes of the hillfort, the sides of the hilltop and the rampart are partly covered with larger trees, while the central part of the hilltop has scattered vegetation. Meanwhile, the territory of the settlement contains mainly urban development, infrastructure and farm lands.

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Atkalni burial ground with Curonian flat graves


Atkalni burial ground is located on the right bank of River Ālande approximately 2 km to the east from Grobiņa hillfort and only 200 m to the east from the large Priediens burial ground with Scandinavian burial mounds and Curonian flat graves. The territory of Atkalni burial ground that covers an area of 0.41 ha currently consists of a meadow and partly agricultural land.

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Priediens burial ground with Scandinavian and Curonain flat graves

Priediens burial ground is situated 1.5 km to the west from Grobiņa hillfort, on the right bank of River Ālande. The coastal line of the former bed of River Ālande is the southern border of the burial ground, but on all other sides it is currently surrounded by urban development. The burial ground covers an area of 15.66 ha and it contains both burial mounds and flat grave burials.

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Smukumi burial ground with Scandinavian burial mounds

Smukumi burial ground is the only component of Grobiņa archaeological ensemble that is situated on the left bank of River Ālande, and it is located only 500 m to the south from Grobiņa hillfort and 1.5 km to the west from Priediens burial ground.

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Porāni (Pūrāni) burial ground with Scandinavian burial mounds

Porāni (Pūrāni) burial ground is located 1.8 km to the east/north-east from Grobiņa hillfort and approximately 2-2.5 km to north/north-east and north/north-west from other burial grounds of Grobiņa archaeological ensemble. Nearly 50 burial mounds have been identified in Porāni burial ground that covers a forested area of 2.02 ha.

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